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We often tend to forget that even dogs are living beings to whom few foods can cause a harmful effect which might have
a long-lasting effect throughout their life. Below we're mentioning a few foods that are toxic to their health.

Chocolate, we all know how dear chocolate is to us, but the same thing can cause increased heart rate, nausea, vomiting,
diarrhea, and restlessness in dogs! So no matter how innocently your dog might be wagging his tail looking at you when you're
having a chocolate, never ever give him a bite.

Foods that contain onions, garlic and shallots should be totally avoided as they cause anemia and may also lead to kidney damage. So always make a conscious check of such items in food before you serve or feed them to your dog!

Products that contain caffeine are so hazardous to your dog's health that it causes severe damage to their heart, lungs, kidney and
central nervous system. Hence, before you buy any product, do give a check whether it contains caffeine!

We all feed dogs with dairy products one or the other day, but we do not know that lactose which is present in dairy
products is difficult for dogs to digest, which may cause mild to severe gastrointestinal issues. Sometimes is ok, that
too you should give in small proportions! But avoid giving them dairy products frequently.

ALCOHOL!! So many heartless people just for a little bit of their own fun feed dogs with alcohol, how cruel that can
be, that too for your sweet coochie who loves and trusts you more than his life!!. Not knowing that ethanol can cause central
nervous system damage and may also lead to respiratory depression. Thus, don't ever let your dog have alcohol,

Even nuts should be avoided as they can cause gastric distress and upset stomach. Peanuts should be highly avoided as it
causes a choking hazard, but you can feed them peanut butter!

Sometimes we feed our dogs with bread and maida rotis, but this yeasty dough may rise in their stomach, stretching the
abdomen and causing severe pain. It also produces a toxic alcohol(ethanol). So make sure you never feed them with anything
that contains yeast.

Mushrooms and their variety should be totally banned as they can cause shock or death in dogs. It's a bitter truth that
mushroom has been considered as the most dangerous vegetable but also a few of them are good for health. But its better
not to take a risk and avoid giving mushrooms to your dog!

Never feed dogs with the green part of the plant including a still-green tomato, their body is not genetically made to
consume and digest such kind of raw foods and veggies!

You can feed dogs with a few fruits such as peach, apple, cherries, plums but make sure you deseed them before you feed
it as the seeds contain cyanide, which is very harmful and can also lead to death!

Please avoid feeding them with candy bars, chewing gums, these contain a sugar-free sweetener which causes dogs to develop
hypoglycemia and lead to severe liver damage! So please don't spoil your four-legged friend with such sweets.

Grapes and raisins may cause irreversible kidney damage or death!

Never put too much of salt in dogs food, it can cause neurological symptoms, even if it's not ingested all at once,
and can also lead to too much water consumption, which can be dangerous!! So avoid giving them any salty food like chips
or anything that might have an extra salt content.

On a general basis, we don't feed our dogs with nutmeg, but just so you know that high doses of this fragrant spice can
be fatal. So avoid them totally!

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