21 August

Is your cat drinking enough water?

  • Posted By: Shweta Agarwal

Adequate hydration is as important in cats as in humans. Maintaining that proper balance of electrolytes can be achieved by sufficient fluid intake. 
Common signs that indicate that your cat is dehydrated:-
-dry mouth
-deteriorating skin elasticity
-loss of appetite 

Four tips to help your feline friend drink more water:-
1. Wet food
Try giving your cat wet food every once in a while so that it adds up to the sources of fluid intake
2. Proper water bowl
Make sure that the water bowl is of the right size and shape for your cat. It shouldn't be deep or narrow, but wide and shallow! 
3. Fresh water
Cats do not prefer drinking long-standing still water. Keep changing the water in the bowl to keep it fresh! 
4. Running water
Because of the typical manner in which cats stick out their tongues to drink water by making a ‘J’ shape, they find it more comfortable to gulp in running water. Try running a faucet over the bowl or get a cat fountain from any pet shop. This trick is definitely worth a try!

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