30 August

How to spot if your dog is stressed out?

  • Posted By: Parmeshwari Gobbur

Like us humans, dogs can get stressed out too from time to time. If you can pick up the signs that your dog is stressed out, you can help your dog cope up with it. There are plenty of clear signs of stress such as panting, pinned ears, whining and howling, sweaty paws and even diarrhea, constipation, excessive shedding and/or drooling, decrease in appetite and increased sleep.
        The owner can always help the dog calm down. Dogs are social animals and they shouldn't be left alone for elongated periods of time since it becomes a cause of stress for them. Also, new places and faces could make them anxious. So the owner should make sure their dog has somebody with them all the time and they have enough physical activity done to make them feel relaxed.
      If the symptoms become more frequent and serious, it's time to consult your vet. It's the owner's job to make sure their let is healthy so make sure your dog is living a happy and healthy life.