Somethings just fill your heart without trying!
What a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like animals, the loyalty of a dog, compassion of a cat, playfulness of a bird and innocence of a fish. Having a pet is one of the greatest pleasures of life.

In today's fast paced life are we somehow neglecting our beloved pets? Are we not able to give them the time and care they deserve? Well, if your answer to these questions is 'yes', then this is the very place where you can fix it all and give that little one all what it deserves.

Welcome to Petkliye!!!

Petkliye is an online platform wherein all the animal lovers can work for those animals that need human help. We have a goal to build a community including all the animal lovers who will work as volunteers, as well as come up with new ideas which will make the life of stray animals better. On the other hand, we are also trying to motivate people to pet animals. 6 out of 10 animal lovers do not keep pets at their house, time being the only reason and not the money. It is shocking fact but it is a true. Having a pet at house brings a very big responsibility like grooming them regularly, taking them out for walks, regular doctor check-ups etc. Now the question running in your mind will be how are we contributing in motivating these people to keep pets? The answer to it is that we do this by providing all these services in a single platform at our website and application providing all the services at your doorstep to help you to take care of your pet and make their life healthier and happier. Yes!, you can book each and every service related to your pet while relaxing at your home by just a few touches on your gadget and let petkliye take care of your pet.

We at petkliye aim to provide all the pet parents and pet lovers with the best of all the services they need to take proper care of their pets.

___We recognize the demands of your beloved___

At PetKLiye we take into account all your pet's want's and
make enormous efforts to hand over the best and standard products.


Efficient Delivery


Our upskill professionals assure you with hassle-free and high-speed delivery for the wide range of services that we offer for your pet.

Our Bonus : Your Comfort


All of our facilities, merchandises and products are coveniently delivered at your rest.

At a Bargain


We strive for providing all our peculiar products and upto the mark services at a modest amount.

Contentment Assurance


For us you and your beloved woofy pet is of prime concern, and we ensure it that you will always be delighted by deciding on us!



Four-legged admirers taking genuine care of your pet and supervising for all their essentials!

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