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What are you looking for?


Our vets provide 24*7 consultations in case of emergency and home visits when required. Why take your dog to the clinic if the doctor can come at your place at the same cost? We provide home visits to check what pain your pet is suffering.

If you love your dog but not his behaviour, we can help you change it. When our trainer trains a pet, he develops a relationship with him, he becomes his buddy and his goal is to make training fun.

We have quintessential kennels situated at different locations in Pune city as well as on the outskirts. Doorstep pickup and drop services are also provided for your 100% convenience. Giving your pets much deserved attention while you are away.

Does your pet deserve a spa day? Yes, Yes, Yes. Try this out with our groomers who have a huge experience as well as certified knowledge about grooming.

When we think so much about our health why should we neglect that of our dog? Let Petkliye take the responsibility and take your pet for a long and healthy walk every morning and evening without fail.


August 30, 2018

How to spot if your dog is stressed out?

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August 21, 2018

Is your cat drinking enough water?

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August 05, 2018


We often tend to forget that even dogs are living beings to whom few foods can cause a harmful effect which might have
a long-last....{+}

  • Posted By: Devashish Gogoi
July 30, 2018


Lazing around the whole day, doing nothing but just sneaking onto one cozy mat from another, well this is The Pug Life...oh! correct....{+}

  • Posted By: Shweta Agarwal